Coach Megan Ware
    Megan is a fun loving, energetic coach with many years of soccer experience.

Born and raised in Sunny St. Pete, Florida, she started her Soccer Career at the age of 3, and continues to enjoy playing the game today in local adult leagues. Megan played throughout high school, where she was Co-Captain her sophomore year, and Senior Captain her Junior and Senior years. Like many of her soccer teammates, Megan also Lettered in a variety of other Varsity sports such as Swimming, Tennis, and Cross Country Running. Her jersey was retired and mounted in the school upon graduation, to commemorate her achievements.

After graduation, Megan was invited to come back to help coach the very team she used to play on! Her good attitude and love for the game of Soccer helped the Osceola Warriors get to state championship series that year!

She is always excited for a chance to play soccer. It's even more exciting to watch the Soccer Champs learn the game, and find their own love for this awesome sport called Soccer!